Making an Electronic Torch – Schematic, PCB Version and Breadboard Version

by : Antonius (@sw0rdm4n)

Electronic Torch is an unique electronic circuit to learn about how electric flow through each components. Below is the electronic circuit:


Part Lists Based on Above Schematic

– 2 resistor 330 ohm or 320 ohm. (breadboard version can uses up to 3 resistors)

– 3 led

– 3 switch

– 1 Dioda in4001

How this works on PCB Version ?

Below is the electronic circuit logic flow :

– If switch is on,  the current will flow  through:

D1 (since it’s a dioda it will prevent reverse current) ->  switch ->  R1 -> led1 -> led2 -> ground

– If s1 is on,  the current will flow  through:

D1 -> S1 -> R1 -> led1 -> led2 -> ground.

– if s2 is on, the current will flow through:

D1 -> S2 -> R2 -> led 3 -> ground

Solder each component based on above schematic



– Clean your solder with sponge before soldering

– Before soldering drop some soldering tin on top of your solder

– Don’t use to much soldering tin

And here comes the pcb version of the torch :


Breadboard Version

We can also making breadboard version, vero board version, and so on. Here’s the breadboard version of this electronic torch with 3 resistor (1 resistor 330 ohm and 2 resistor 320 ohm).


To see how this circuit works, you can see this video: