Developing and Rising the Machines for New Era

Decided haxtronic with only 1 hand and 1 camera. ability not just limited to 802.11 cracks, using 3 arduinos as motoric, cpu is using 2 intel core 1,85ghz, equipped with gps, ability not just limited to wpa/wep crack, this is able to calculate nearby subnet for arp poisoning, able to use metasploit for auto exploitation. since using arduino (next release probably will use picaxe) it’s easy to add 433 mhz receiver and transmitter. Handling rtl-sdr very well. why not as drone? cause this robot has some sort of artificial intelligence (SRPL), deep learning (part of machine learning), personality based on PAD and 4 main charasteristic (melancholic, sanguinist, choleric, plegma). NLP (natural language processing). I won’t share how do I made this. This will be shared as an end user product. currently developing focus on it’s artificial intelligence.



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