words of wisdom——————————————————–

since human life is so limited, suppose we can live pretty long until reach age of 100, it still nothing compared to the time that is unlimited. 999 trillion years is also limited time and nothing if compared to the time that is unlimited. though human life is so short but in this short life period, I will try my best to make something useful for human kind and for The One who created me, My Lord.

I’m Antonius Ringlayer.
I’m a roboticist.Daily activities :
– doing experiments and developing robots
– doing experiments and developing  artificial intelligence
Capabilities :
–  robotic mechanics (gearings, steering, mathematical modelling for robots, robotic arm, head development)
–  digital electronic for robotic
– artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision & natural language processing
– others:
programming for embedded electronic, IOT, electronic circuit design

Basically my main skill is mechatronic
all my product releases will be on:
or www.ringlayer.net
within 2017-2018 timeline

catch me on twitter:



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