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DIY – USB Mini Fan

This is a very easy guide to make an usb powered mini fan.


– 1 usb cable
– 1 quadcopter propeller
– 1 breadboard
– soldering iron + tin
– 2 jumper wire
– 1-3 0,1 microfarad 50v capacitor
– 1 usb charger (alternatively you can powered up the fan later using power bank or usb port from pc or laptop or any usb charger)



First of all, cut the usb cable and isolate the plus and minus from the data transfer cables (green and white is data transfer cable).


As we already know that any usb cable consist of 4 different cables:

The red one is for positive volt, the black one is for negative volt, the green will be used for upstream data transfer and the white one will be used for downstream data transfer.

Here we got isolated plus and minus cable where each of the cable has been soldered with tip of jumper wire (the red and black one) which is ready to be plugged into our positive and negative spot on breadboard.


Next solder the 0.1 µF ceramic capacitor across the motor dc (we can use 1-3 capacitor to deal with motor noise), and plug the quadcopter propeller on top.

Once the ceramic capacitor has been soldered, add 2 jumper wires in order to plug it to breadboard.


And finaly, plug the usb cable and the jumper wire from motor dc on the breadboard and the usb fan is ready.


This usb fan is ready to powered via any 5v power supply. You can powered it with a charger, any usb port from laptop or pc, any power banks or any other 5v power supply.